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Our spring outing

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By 09:00 am on Apr. 13th, 2008, a bus took all the staff of the company to Oriental land. We were joshing on the way, with full of smile on our face and laughter in the air.

The first thing out of the schedule immediately after we jumped down to the ground from the vehicle was a barbecue where we were heading for.

There were really plenty visitors in this Land of barbecue. Thanks to the foreknowledge of our sponsors, we came with two of our own stainless steel ovens which were specially made for this purpose. We put first the waste paper, the firewood and the charcoal. With the wood layers lying in between themselves, and fanning and tossing busy around.

We made finally the flame current shining out of the smoke. Till the flame grew up, we built up the shelves and plates preparing for baking the beef steak,

 the banger, the bloated chicken wings in bunch, and corns and pois,

adding the flavors of butter and pepper, which really smells tasty. We cheered with drinks and enjoying the feast.

The second activity out of our arrangements was separate entertainments as jogging inside the maze, boating around, taking a looking at the warship, riding a bicycle, and taking a tour around the lake and enjoying the breeze over and the beautiful scenery. Following by wild training and test which exhausted our energy, and finally we played the gusto bridge.

    Occasionally, we run into colleagues staying around and took a picture with a hug. Right the place and the moment, we cheered, we enjoyed, we relaxed.

At last, we held a feast in the restaurant in Oriental land, which symbolized the successful close of this spring outing.


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