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Professional Training

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Sep. 20th. 2008. RIhong trained employees from correlative department for business.
Main content is eight essential for sales in stainless steel distribution center,
1 Employees should know the production process and cost of stainless steel, know the familiar grade, finish, size, tolerance and applicant, know the familiar quality claim from mill, the quality claim from distribution center and know how to solve these problem.
2 Employees should know about the main title and element of < Economic Contract Law >, employees should draw out contract and covenant.
3 Employees should know Rihong’s finance management and statistic regulation, employees should know how to operation kinds of bills from bank.
4 Employees should know the situation for both of the domestic and global market, employees could analyze correlative stock.
5 Employees should know Rihong’s facilities, processing ability, processing tolerance, packing and the cost of distribution.
6 Employees should know RIhong’s ERP operation, production process, technical difficulty, process risk, delivery time, employees should use the uniform <process direction> and <process report>.
7 Employees should accept Rihong’s sales concept, employees could negotiate with customer flexible.
8 Employees could calculate the cost of sales, employees should statistic and analyze the profit, employees should know other position’s statistic work.
This training improved employees’ knowledge of stainless steel and explained these knowledge points detailed. It is easy for employees to understand.
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